New to Blogging

So after a long time debating, considering and reasoning with  myself I’ve finally taken the plunge and started a blog.  Although I wouldn’t consider myself old I will admit to being a total tech phobe however, recently I have started to educate myself, with the resounding product being the blog you see before you.

I’d welcome any feedback and/or advice fellow bloggers and readers have to contribute however, if you are an avid blog reader/writer I ask you to be gentle with me.

Whilst my blog is aimed at crafting, DIY home making etc initially I’ll just be blogging about day to day life a bit like a journal.  As a new mum to the fifth member of the Dunn clan I thought this would be a good way to ease me in and keep me sane.

So phase one is done, first post complete and whilst I feel slightly self conscious that its not nearly witty enough I think it’s a fair effort for someone who gave birth only 10 days ago and is living on sleep rations.  Next, phase two how to link Facebook and Twitter to post my entries on there hmmmmmm that could take a while………….

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